Why is the elastic pin gear coupling better than other couplings

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        ZLL type-elastic pin gear coupling with brake wheel is a new high-performance coupling made in my country. It concentrates on the advantages of standard elastic couplings with different structures, such as the advantages of plum-shaped elastic couplings. : The elastic element is squeezed, the structure is simple, and the reliability is high.Overcome the shortcomings of the plum blossom elastic coupling: when replacing the elastic element, the half coupling must be moved. Although the double flange plum blossom type elastic coupling can replace the elastic element without moving the half coupling, the structure is complicated and the cost is High, increase the mass and moment of inertia, and the application range is limited. When the same torque is transmitted, the radial size is much smaller than that of the elastic sleeve pin coupling, and the mass is lighter and the moment of inertia is small.
        The elastic pin gear coupling has good performance in compensating axial, radial and angular axis deviation, good vibration reduction performance, simple structure, stable and reliable operation, no noise, no lubrication, convenient maintenance, simple assembly and disassembly, Good manufacturability, low cost, can be derived into a variety of structural situations, good versatility, wide application range, and easy to promote.
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