Precautions for brake installation

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1) Due to the variety of brakes, the more complex structure, and the more precise parts, special tools should be used during disassembly and assembly. Do not knock on the datum or finishing surface of the main parts to avoid collisions and prevent damage; for rubber cups When disassembling and assembling the seals, please be careful; for parts that are not interchangeable and have assembly requirements, mark them when disassembling, so that they can be reinstalled in the original position for future repairs.
2) All rubber, bakelite, plastic, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy parts and cowhide oil seals, brake friction (belt) sheets, etc., are not allowed to be cleaned with caustic soda; pre-lubricated bearings, oil-containing powder metallurgy bearings and hydraulic brake master and sub-cylinders The leather bowl, etc., must not be soaked in gasoline for cleaning; the friction (belt) piece must not be in contact with oil.Oil pipes, water pipes, and water pipes should be kept clean and unobstructed.
3) For parts or assemblies with tightness requirements, such as air reservoirs and brake valves, pumps, air chambers, etc., air pressure or oil pressure tests should be carried out.
4) For the main parts, check and record the geometric dimensions of the mating parts such as holes, journals, etc., as well as the surface shape and mutual position of the main parts, especially the flatness of the assembly datum plane and the parallelism between the axis of the shell hole Degree, perpendicularity, coaxiality and distance, etc.
5) Washers, split pins, lock washers and metal lock wires for each bolt and nut should be fully assembled as required.Split pins and metal lock wires should be selected correctly according to the hole diameter of the perforation.The important bolts and nuts of the coupling should be free from cracks, damage or deformation.All bolts and nuts with specified tightening torque and tightening sequence should be tightened according to the regulations during assembly.
6) All parts can be installed only after passing the inspection.The selected and self-manufactured main parts can be installed only after their geometry, machining accuracy, material, mechanical properties, hardness and roughness meet the requirements.
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