Commonly used star elastic coupling

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        Star flexible couplingIt is composed of two half-couplings with the same shape of the protruding claws and elastic elements. The star-shaped elastic element is placed between the two coupling halves of the protruding claws to realize the coupling of the two halves of the coupling.
The structure of the coupling is basically the same as that of the quincunx elastic coupling. The difference lies in the shape of the elastic elements, which are star and quincunx. The performance is the same as that of the quincunx elastic coupling. It has a certain compensation for the relative offset and reduction of the two shafts. Vibration and cushioning performance, small radial size, simple structure, no lubrication, high carrying capacity, convenient maintenance, etc.It is suitable for connecting two coaxial lines, frequent starting, variable forward and reverse rotation, and transmission torque. 
        Star couplingThe tooth end of the outer gear sleeve is in the shape of a horn, so it is not suitable to be used under high speed and impact load conditions, and it is not suitable for the connection of vertical shafts.Star couplings are sometimes mistaken for plum couplings, because their appearance is almost similar after installation, but under the same model, star couplings bear greater torque. Compared with plum couplings, its inner hole And the shape can be made smaller.
The radial movement of the star coupling due to centrifugal force during high-speed operation will accelerate its wear. The polyurethane elastomer is limited by the convex claw block, which can avoid internal deformation due to impact and external deformation due to centrifugal force. ; The large concave surface of the protruding claw makes the surface pressure on the involute tooth very small, and even if the tooth is overloaded, the tooth will not wear or deform.Axial plug-in assembly is convenient for blind assembly, saving time; small size, small moment of inertia, maintenance-free; easy for visual inspection.
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